IDEA Sliver award: A great programme and some advice


Recently I achieved my IDEA sliver award, and received the certificate from Buckingham palace by mail. The IDEA award refers to The Duke of York Inspiring Award. The established by HRH, the Duke of York . The bronze award is released in 2017, and the sliver award is established recently, consists of five kinds of badges: Citizen, Worker, Maker, Entrepreneur and gamer.

A Unique programme

Here are some reasons why IDEA sliver award is unique.

Free: The IDEA sliver award programme is free, which means everybody has a opportunity to access to it.

Learn by situation:  The IDEA sliver award programme is totally different from traditional online programme. Traditional programme usually consists of video and quiz, while IDEA award is learned by situation. What is the meaning of learning by situation? That means, to put you into a certain situation, solving different problems as well as learning from it.

Research skill: IDEA sliver programme highlights the ability of research online, which is very useful. In the world of IT, new problem come every day, and it is normal to meet something previous education has not covered before. In this situation, to identify the problem and research online can be very useful.

Practical knowledge: The IDEA sliver award taught many practical digital skills, in a understandable way. Those skill is easy to implement in real-word and can produce many positive outcome.

Some Advice for the IDEA gold Programme

Cloud: Nowadays clouds act a very important role in the IT world and beyond. It is necessary to design a separate badge to test the ability to use cloud, like gamer.

Practical project: The IDEA award may provide participant with the insight of real IT world. In other words, it is good for participants to conduct project either individually or by group, mentored by professionals.

Forum: It is good to have a official forum for IDEA award, so participants and award can communicate and share their experience with each other . In addition, forum provides a effective way to provide feedback, which is beneficial for the update of the programme content.

It is an honour for me to receive the IDEA sliver award. Look forward to the release of IDEA gold award!