Open data camp reflection: Amazing unconference and look forward


Truly free: Great sponsors who make this happen.

Excellent notes: Picture notes contributed by drawnLisM.

Professional camp makers: Group of volunteers who plan the event in an elegant manner and led the discussion going smoothly.

Great atmosphere: All attendants and camp makers are folks. In addition to the daytime, we also met in a bar–sharing idea while enjoying beers!

New knowledge and great idea: Attendants and camp makers are professionals from different areas, whose work related with open data or personal interest is on open data. Consequently, the idea shared is of great dimension and related with real-world application of open data and personal experience.

Points to consider

Diversity of food supplied: Although the diversity of food supplied was taken account, however, more can be achieved. For example, there exist some people who do eat meat but not pork. In this case, food contain pork should be labelled. In addition, hot food was not supplied, but it should be a good idea, because some people may prefer to eat hot food. Consequently, some hot food, like sausage roll and bacon roll can be supplied.

Supply more to be discussed: During the pitch season, it may be a good idea to support attendances with some success case or failure case of using open data. Such example can support the idea to be pitched and be discussed later

More to be in memory: Some small present after the camp can be a good memory. It can be copy of some of the work contributed by drawnLism.

It is an honour to support open data camp and attend it. Amazing organising team! Professional attendances!

photo of camp makers